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Issue VII - Liberation (60/A4, March 2021)


Back issues

Issue VI - Black Pilgrimage (80/A4, 2020)
Interviews with
Mortuus, Aethyrick, Exaltatio Diaboli, Ysengrin, Secuntra, Spiritual Outlaw, Bathory Legion and Thy Darkened Shade

Issue V - Aristocracy of Wolves (56/A4, 2016)
Interviews with Abigor, Mare, DTB, Mordor, Nåstrond, Hierophant's Descent, TOT and Xantotol

Issue IV - Hammer of Black Illumination (56/A4, 2014)
Interviews with MMP Temple, Hammemit, Vassafor, Sol Evil, Lamia Vox, Proselytism Records and Irkallian Oracle

Issue III - Fiat Voluntas Mea (52/A4, 2012)
Interviews with Domains, Clandestine Blaze, Unholy, Abyssvm, Watain, Cultes Des Ghoules, Niantiel and Altar of Perversion

Issue II - Of Dark Spirituality and Drifting Beyond (84/A4, 2008)
Interviews with Necros Christos, Behelal, Vulvark, Altar of Perversion, Vanargandr, Gorgoroth, Ravencult, Elysian Blaze, Mortuary Drape, Archgoat, Penitent, Forgotten Woods, Denial of God and Har Shatan

Issue I - Advocating True Black & Death Metal (48/A4, 2004)
Interviews with Besatt, Craft, Derketa, Griffar, Mortem, Shining and Sinoath

In addition to interviews, the issues contain reviews as well as
articles from various contributors concerning different topics, such as esoteric and occult traditions, magick, nature, art & Black Metal itself.