Typhon - Unholy Trilogy LP

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LP comes with a poster and an A4-size booklet.

Exceptionally grim, seemingly crude, but exuding a verve that’s electrifying and undeniable, Unholy Trilogy in fact offers a relative wide variety of songcraft – rocking Bathorian blasts of minimalism, marching-off-to-war laments, and simply skullfucking Armageddon, with plenty of (moody) points in between – proving that TYPHON acutely understood the original unorthodox (and unholy) nature of black metal. As such, the album moves along briskly across its rather titan runtime of 47 minutes and 13 tracks, which sees them concluding with a surprisingly faithful cover of KISS’ “War Machine” and the haunting instrumental "Calm Before the Storm," which does NOT bear any semblance to the Venom song of the same name. Similarly, the lyrics to “Life Eternal” were allegedly gifted to Bull Metal from Mayhem’s Dead, but then were used later by Mayhem in the song bearing the same title on their classic De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas – which, of course, was released in 1994 before TYPHON had released their long-brewing Unholy Trilogy. The band would effectively call it quits following the release of the album, and Bull Metal would put punctuation to that end with his suicide in 2002.
Now available, at long last, for the first time on regular vinyl LP format – no inferior-quality picture discs here – with fully restored layout, relive the legend of TYPON’s Unholy Trilogy the way it was meant to be experienced!

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