Thy Darkened Shade -  Liber Lvcifer I: Khem Sedjet 2LP

Thy Darkened Shade - Liber Lvcifer I: Khem Sedjet 2LP

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Several lifetimes have passed since the comprehension that we are one with our black flames, luminous and eternal; this initiated thought that whispers esoteric tales of reincarnation, rebirth and total destruction. We embrace Kether’s prana with the wings of death endlessly, transferring the unconsecrated chi to our Thaumitan crowns until the Black Sun shines lone.

We, the serpents of Eden, are both the shining and the shadows, we know the illusions of good and evil since, we originate from the source, Or She-ein bo Mahshavah, the solitary true light. We are those few who have the wisdom to overcome, the sovereignty to become something evolved, in the forms and likeness of our Gods.

Atop the mount of Hermon, we gather once more for our astral feasts, it is the gnosis of the fallen that guides us through the cosmic illusions, for timeless victories. The Promethean mantras lead us and the blood of Qayin binds us towards the acausal freedom. We possess everything we need to destroy all illusions; we are the children of Lucifer, we shine in grandeur and might.

Our voices preach the voice of Azazel, through Him we awake the dragons within and without, until the opening of the eye of Rudra. With the flames of Sama Atar we burn our human forms to ashes and we rise again and again as fires, until the crack of the circle. We become the gateways to Setheus, in the name of Isfet.

Hail Satan, Loki, Typhon, Set, Ahriman, Lucifer, Prometheus, Kingu.

Bestow upon us the wisdom of the fallen, we inscribe your names in our souls, your essence is one nonetheless, inconsistent to the blind.

We glorify all thy ancient manifestations. We are the Order of Promethean Fyre, you are either one of us or you are relics of cosmic disguise.

Liber Lvcifer I represents what the humanoid will never fathom, excellence in both life and death.

This is the age of Acausal Necrosophic Black Metal.

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