The Elysian Fields - Adelain CD

The Elysian Fields - Adelain CD

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Greek Black Metal from the early to mid-1990s is rightfully one of the most celebrated convergences of time and place in the history of the genre. There are relatively few styles in metal that can be so easily identified as having emerged from such a narrowly-defined context as the archetypal sound that was pioneered most famously by the likes of Rotting Christ and Varathron. Among other less-commonly-referenced bands from the same scene was Elysian Fields, who initially began to garner attention in their country following the circulation of two promo tapes in 1994 and 1995. The unique sound refined in the band’s early development and demonstrated on these tapes soon resulted in their signing to the renowned Unisound Records, which in turn led to the 1995 release of Elysian Fields’ debut album, “Adelain,” a recording which represents both a nod to their aforementioned fellow countrymen as well as an incorporation of other various influences. Although it certainly exhibits primary elements of the black metal immortalized on other Greek albums such as “Thy Mighty Contract” and “His Majesty at the Swamp,” “Adelain” also reflects palpable traits of the death metal exemplified in the early recordings from Sweden’s At the Gates and the hybrid of gothic death/doom of Britain’s My Dying Bride.