The Altar of Sacrifice by Mark Alan Smith

The Altar of Sacrifice by Mark Alan Smith

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Hardcover, second edition. 400 pages. Bound in black faux suede with copper lettering to spine and copper seal to upper board.

"The Altar of Sacrifice" is the first volume of Smith's new trilogy "The Books of the Way of Sacrifice", a closely woven trilogy which consists of three inner books, each revealing legendary power of the Olde Ways, attained through the Arte of Bloody Sacrifice. This is not solely a book of the Sacrificial Arte. It is the first gate, manifested and opened in blood, through which the Trident Kin reveal the Apocalyptic Keys. Created from flesh in bloody sacrifice, these keys unleash the Wrath of the Gods. The Volumes of Sacrifice are forged from a practice that was born of gnosis received beyond the Gates of the Final Judgment of the Soul, a pact undertaken in free will by the author with Lucifer, in the name of Hecate. The first volume in the Way of Sacrifice series.

Contents include:

Book One: The First Book of Sacrifice - The Book of Flesh and Blood: 1. Opening the Way of Sacrifice; 2. The Four Lesser Feasts of Witchfire; 3. Blood of the Atlantean Dragon King; 4. The Path of Ancestral Venom; 5. The Horns of the Thaumiel; 6. Gateways of the Primal Aeon.

Book Two: The Book of the Four Pillars of Fire. 9. Temple of the Altantean Trident of Witchcraft; 10. Opening the Backward Way of Hecate's Primal Temple; 11. Kalas of Witchfire.

Book Three: The Book of Atlantean Fire: 12. Summoning the Dragon's Fire; 13. Gateways of the Draconian Blood of the Gods; 14. The Elemental Body of the Temple; 15. The Chalice of Sacrifice; 16. Magus of the Dark Stellar Gate.