Spectrum Mortis - Blasphemare Nomen Eius MCD

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With nearly 30 minutes of obscure Metal Of Death, half way between an EP or full-length, SPECTRUM MORTIS presents mature material created by individuals who have been involved in several Death & Black Metal acts for many years. With predominance of mid tempos, the sound of "Blasphemare Nomen Eius" guides the listener through dark and gloomy passages towards an anticipated ending, the absolute calm.

While all music has been created and executed by Aataa & Aath, black oaths are totally based on Guiles de Laval writings "The Explict Name Of Lucifer" and "Sacerdotium Umbrae Mortis", summoned by Sheram for the conjuration of the Spectrum Mortis entity. "Blasphemare Nomen Eius" was recorded, mixed and mastered by Javier Felez at the infamous Moontower Studios in Barcelona.