Sentiessence – The Living Temple MC + 24p booklet

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- “A lengthy piece of 'sinister folk' inspired by a specific area of fauna rich ancient woodland and the pathworkings personally undertaken therein. It is humbly opined that the music and accompanying words presented here express the joy, avidity, melancholy and estrangement manifested within during and after such rites. Additionally, created as personal accompaniment to further meditations and workings attributed to the Moon and Mercury spheres, thus, the notational foundation is built upon the chords of G Major and E Minor. Shared with a hope to inspire / aid others on their individual Wyrdful, Sinister Numinous paths”

- Professionally duplicated cassette / multi panel j-card / download code / twenty-four page A5 booklet bearing related texts & images. Limited to 100 copies. Copies will be exclusively available for mainland Europe via The Sinister Flame.

- Released by Auditory Transmutations of the Ruralist Anados [A. T. R. A.] Wessex, Albion.

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