Sammas' Equinox / Emanating Void - Temples of Ice SPLIT 7" EP

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Finnish shadow-tyrants SAMMAS' EQUINOX and EMANATING VOID join together on a brand-new split 7" under the title Temples of Ice, to be released on January 31st via SIGNAL REX.

The split was recorded during the past few months, while both bands gathered at the same studio working as one, achieving this way a solid and strong cohesion in all their tracks as well preserving all the aesthetics present on the whole composition, being the final mastering work done by Moonsorrow's Henri Sorvali at Trollhouse Studio.

With the spectral two-part "Glaciers in the Somber Night" on Side A, SAMMAS' EQUINOX return after last year's well-received compilation LP for SIGNAL REX, which conveniently collected their two demos to date. This cryogenic black metal-into-synth composition marks a mysterious path that will lead the band on their upcoming debut full-length. On Side B is EMANATING VOID's "Crystallized in Superiority," which is aptly titled. Although less known their counterparts, EMANATING VOID is no less grandiose than SAMMAS' EQUINOX, offering here a grim blizzard that pushes and pulls with supernatural ease. The band released their first demo in 2018, and the future will certainly say much more about this rising act.

In the spirit of collaboration - the songs are stand-alone compositions, but the concept, time/place of the recordings, and members are equally shared by both acts - SAMMAS' EQUINOX and EMANATING VOID dare you to enter their Temples of Ice!

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