Pyreficativm - संसार का पथ CD

Pyreficativm - संसार का पथ CD

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A mesmerizingly vast and deliriously dense work, Pyreficativm's संसार का पथ plunges the listener deeply into the Beyond - and then beyond even that. Totaling nine tracks in 76 time-evaporating minutes, this is black metal at its most ceremonial, stripped of ornamental excess yet suffused with a supernatural essence, of ritualism begetting transcendence, of sound utilized as a living weapon born of blood and steel, fire and brimstone. For those who dwell within the depths of the underground and heard Pyreficativm's two earlier demos, where the rawness was almost otherworldly, संसार का पथ casts the aesthetic of sole visionary Melek R. N. in a starker, more focused light, bringing forth a clarity that sacrifices none of the swirling sting on which he originally made his name. Here, the stretched-to-infinity canvas on which he paints is brushed with bold strokes, invoking a fever-dreaming sense of wonder and mania, as nebulous fog and vibrations from the abyss swirl into recognition to create an austere construction that ensnares the listener's very subconscious. It is very easy to get literally lost in Pyreficativm's संसार का पथ , but the question remains: why would you want to return?

A statement from Melek R. N. reads: "I raise front of the great mysteries greater, spirits of the life and death. On this sacred night of blood together to you oneiric veil, the key to the eternal dream of the Dragon I invoke you... This intricate work within this temple crowned Pyreficativm, संसार का पथ is a vehicle and ritualistic vessel. To express the sacred words and prayers of the ancient mysteries... the hidden faculty of the intellectual Man in this Era of iron, lets you embraces the true skin of the mystical arts. Dreaming freely through the intricate labyrinth of the consciousness. Experience exalted in the higher planes and sacred cosmic notes are the real material to examine various atavistic passages of this science and art. Through this new manifestation, this temple crowned with the internal fire of Man, speak directly to the inner void, a supra-mundane states, the connections between the Eastern esotericism and the Al-chemy of the higher. Exposes intrincate examinations within the Gnostisism and Eastern esotericism. Amrita 181."

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