Nathr - Beinahrúga CD

Nathr - Beinahrúga CD

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Watching the deepest darkness within ourselves and seeing the silver lining of the sparse moonlight shining a light on our inspiration, NATHR has become the right tool for its three members to share this dark and empty awareness with the world.

NATHR started in 2020 as an idea between Nathas (FUNERAL HARVEST) and Northr (FUNERAL HARVEST, dark ambient project Northr), and later joined by the drummer Ond (FUNERAL HARVEST, Keiser). Now, the first-ever sonance of NATHR will soon resonate through the world.

Titled Beinarúga, NATHR's debut work comprises four stark-yet-expansive tracks across 24 minutes. Simmering and shadowy, exhibiting no small amount of tension and yet also a paradoxically relaxing meditativeness, here do the trio stir - slowly - trace ingredients of ancient black metal and funer(e)al doom. No hope, no light, but opening myriad portals before the listener, Beinarúga captures both the bitter tang of woodland desolation and crypt-deep cobwebs alike. Herewith, this international consortium of dark-minded musicians is set to open the graves of the old Viking capital Nidaros. 

Doom will rise from the ashes of Nidaros...

"We start to dig up the somber emptiness of our souls, to express the grievances of life."

Malus Vivendi.