Nachtrunar – Wolfsstunde CD

Nahtrunar – Wolfsstunde CD

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"Wolf's Hour is a journey into the grim hour of fear and ruin, passing strange yet familiar dreams, roaming the eternal wealth of harvest season; a folklore of life, death and transformation. A pagan's inner travel through poetry and - ultimately- the shapeless light of spiritual mysticism.

The German lyrics are symbolist in nature and often play with words in an enigmatic way, sometimes evoking contradictory associations. In their functionality as poetry, they can not be translated. Yet a capable and trusted friend managed to channel as much of its intent into another language as possible. It's a first for Nahtrunar to present lyrics translated in English language.

One last matter shall be addressed, and even though Art should never be explained by the artist, yet I will leave you with these words:

Runes are ancient symbols of which we know very little. Still, an irrational fascination of the unknown is not an uncommon trait. The runes and other symbols displayed in the context of this release are referred to in their most archaic, and therefore enigmatic, “meaning”, reflected through my personal symbolist poetry. If you look for any other contemporary or non-archaic interpretation from recent centuries, please look elsewhere. It is not be found here, it could not be further away from this work."