Nachtrunar - Symbolismus CD

Nahtrunar - Symbolismus CD

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SYMBOLISMUS (Symbolism) is the second manifestation of the Austrian Black Metal project NAHTRUNAR. Conceptually, it is dedicated to the nights at the turn of the year, known as “Rauhnächte” in old European customs and traditions. These nights are said to be a special period of time in-between the years, unlike any period of “regular” time. There is a thick web of myth and superstition around these days and nights.

The portal to the netherworld is said to be wide open, all sorts of spirits are awakened and old gods walk freely among mortal men. The threshold to the dreamworld is blurred. During these nights, dreams and visions are of prophetic quality. A deep sense of reverence is in every move we make, while the earth is cloaked in the longest nights.

The creative material and conceptual fundament which was later on forged into “Symbolismus” was received during the winter of 2014/2015, especially during the “Rauhnächte” and the winter solstice, partly on Austrian soil and partly on travels through wintery Poland, Romania and Bulgaria.

Not all the lyrics adhere strictly to the Rauhnächte, but this sinister, wild and magical time is still the flesh, blood and spirit of every note and every word on this record. The revised themes are: transformation, vision, sacrifice, transcendence, mythology… the deeply spiritual experience of this earth and all the secrets it holds. Experience – empirical knowledge – is a keyword of the world view portrayed on this album. This does not stand opposed to a rational world view, but rather fills in in places where words fail and reason is nothing but outlandish.