Eternal Flame of Gehenna - Loputon Gehennan Liekki DVD

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A documentary about Finnish Black Metal featuring Azaghal, Azazel, Barathrum, Beherit, Enochian Crescent, Goatmoon, Goatmoon, Horna, Satanic Warmaster etc.

Including: Romua, Ruiskeita ja Rutinaa / Noise of Finland as a DVD bonus

PAL DVD limited underground edition of 500, with different cover lay out by Werwolf.

Original titles: Loputon Gehennan Liekki / Romua, Ruiskeita ja Rutinaa
Genre: Music documentary
Running time: 52 + 21 minutes
Production year: 2011
Aspect ratio: 16:9
Audio: Stereo, spoken language Finnish
Subtitles: English