Abigor - Höllenzwang (Chronicles of Perdition) CD

Abigor - Höllenzwang (Chronicles of Perdition) CD

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"Looking at the versatile release history of ABIGOR, it's fair to say you can never quite know what to expect when they release something, though you can always count on the pitch-black Satanic essence. Höllenzwang, unsurprisingly, defies easy categorisation – and listening – as well.

At first all the countless breaks, tempo changes and overall feeling of chaos seems just poorly structured and immemorable, but, wouldn't you know, after a couple of spins down the line the album starts to display it's true potential with things starting to fall into their rightful places. You see, unlike most Black Metal albums, Höllenzwang isn’t about beating a dead horse – it’s a celebration of creativity and the eternal night; a dark world of its own, woven with firm hands via a wide range of sinister melodies and blood-curdling screams. It’s all about the unabridged whole, not instant hits.

Höllenzwang possesses three attributes that Black Metal in its genuine form always entails; unpredictability, novelty and menace. It’s not just another slab of friendly, easily approachable BM you can bang your head to and put back on the shelf. No. Höllenzwang is a hostile whirlwind of darkness and evil that answers more questions than it asks. TT mentioned, when interviewed in our last issue, that “I have always said that Black Metal propagated tradition but delivered innovation.” Höllenzwang is a case in point.

Lyric-wise the album’s greatest merit is that it doesn't throw you into a world of Occult gibberish that pretty much always bears little other purpose than to stand as a show-off. ABIGOR is clearly beyond that. What you get is straight-forward declarations like this opening paragraph of the album; ”Lucifer, enlighten not, this world's not worth to shed your image on, but blind them all (who are) gazing into your light, tarnish the servants and seekers alike, neither Eden nor Inferno is their house, extinguish your flame they're all unworthy of, bring forth the night, spit poison, spread blight, kill friend and foe, disbeliever, proselyte.” And with Silenius delivering these curses, you listen.
The cover art is absolutely stunning and leaving off all logos and titles was as much of a nice touch as the “Heil Satan” flyer printed on the back cover. Overall the whole record with the xeroxed lyric sheet and everything looks like a 1991 release, which surely must have been done on purpose.
ABIGOR should be praised for holding the ever-burning torch of True Black Metal and for always building their own darkness apart from whatever musical trends have been infesting the scene. All hail Darkness and Evil!" 

- review from The Sinister Flame VI