A Za Solncem Luna - Discipline and Blood CD

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Only the most sophisticated and skilled masters of the dark craft are led by a black path to this place, to this edge. A place where the oppressive atmosphere and ambiguity of all possible and impossible meanings of awareness of the feeling of being trapped in the infinite mechanism of time and beyond this time - in oblivion. Where reality is a pliable stream of blood, quenching the thirst of a hungry beast biting into the neck with sharp fangs. This stream is intoxicating and time after time inevitably falls and dissolves into an immense ocean of dreams and pain, at the bottom of which stretches a black cemetery of fallen souls. A place where the black buds of dirty love bleed open and instantly wither in the fire of unbearable desires and uncontrollable attraction to vice. And at the head of all this, there is an endless struggle between discipline and bloodlust. 

Listen: https://hexencave.bandcamp.com/album/k-discipline-and-blood

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